May 2013
Student Art ExhibitionsShowcasing five projects from our elementary school program Art At Your Fingertips, three projects from our 6th grade program Partners in Art, and the best of show for local high schools Peninsula, Palos Verdes and Rancho del Mar. Exhibition rooms full of colorful pastel peacocks, black and white scratchboard night scenes, and handcrafted ceramic dragons will all give you a taste of what is inspiring our youth to create art.


October 2012
The Muse; L'aura borealis "100 Ways to Look at the Muse"; 2012 Holiday Art Exhibition
muse main.jpgWhen a Muse inspires a creative person the result may be a pop song, a screenplay, a photograph or a sculpture. Inspiration is very much at the heart of these shows. In the L’aura borealis exhibit, guest curator Bondo Wyszpolski, inspired by South Bay resident Laura Orr, organized a collection of work from 50 Los Angeles based artists to create portraits of Orr that would enable them to convey through her their own ideas about who or what it is that inspires them to make art. In the Muse exhibit, artist F. Scott Hess’ featured work is created with a muse that has dominated his life since age seven, after his parent’s divorce – the psychological hole from which his muse emerges. That void is related to death, and to ultimately being alone in the universe. Ruth Weisberg took a different angle for her muse as she aimed to bring classic narratives and personifications back to life from art history. Casting family and close friends as the embodiment of her ideas. In the Holiday Art Exhibition a variety of muse inspired pieces lined the walls, both two- and three-dimensional, chosen by juror David Parsons. From the view of the coast seen every day out a kitchen window, to a ghostly photograph of Vietnamese dancers, to a portrait of a husband’s other true love—his beloved canine. This exhibit showcased a wide variety of what inspires our local artists affiliated with the Palos Verdes Art Center.


June 2012
Bob_Frances-Protea From detailed botanical watercolors, through impressionistic landscapes, to bold mixed-media abstractions, satiric graphic art on wood panels and animated videos, 90 works by 45 artists were on display showing the wide-ranging talents of the Paletteers. Members of this affiliate of the Palos Verdes Art Center are seasoned local artists including instructors at PVAC and other schools. The Photography exhibit showcased a diverse group of emerging and established photographers/artists covering a wide spectrum of visions, imagery and photographic methods – featuring Anita Bunn, Anthony Castro, Bob Francis, Meg Madison, and Ed Martin.


May 2012
Student Art Exhibitions Honor our community’s budding artists - Art At Your Fingertips, Peninsula , Palos Verdes and Rancho del Mar High Schools.


February 2012
Perspectives The Palos Verdes Art Center’s exhibition program looks to discover new creative experiences found in the artistic communities of Southern California Art scene. Over the years of curating and designing exhibitions in Los Angeles and in the South Bay, the Art Center has come across many unique artists and perspectives.


December 2011
birds The Palos Verdes Art Center / Beverly G. Alpay Center for Arts Education presents Installations - an exhibition exploring environmental art that takes into account the viewer's entire sensory experience rather than having works of art hanging on a wall or sitting on a pedestal - featuring two Los Angeles Artists, Edith Abeyta and Meeson Pae Yang. This exhibit is curated by Scott Canty, PVAC Exhibitions Director.


April 2011
Instructors' Exhibition
instructors The Instructors Exhibition features 33 of PVAC's instructors - excellent artists in their own right. When they are not in the Art Center classroom helping students, the PVAC's talented faculty members are busy in their own studios creating their own unique works of art. This exhibition offers a great opportunity to gain insight into individual instructor's styles, interests and artistic visions.


October 2011
Off The Wall Exhibition
birds For this popular exhibition, artists rent space to exhibit their favorite pieces. As a result, just about anything goes - offering an extremely diverse selection of art from traditional paintings to elegant ceramics. Regardless of your favorite style of art, you will find something to suit your taste in Off the Wall, an eclectic exhibition.


April 2011
Southern California Printmaking Exhibition
As we enter 2011, we will be focusing on printmaking with the Southern California Printmaking Exhibition. This exhibition will showcase some of the artists who have been instrumental in making printmaking an Art Center tradition, as well as incorporating new and innovating artists from Southern California - artists that offer different techniques - producing distinctive ideas on the traditional methods of printmaking. The exhibition will also showcase an educational portion featuring step-by-step printmaking techniques.


October 2010
Dark Inheritance - Purposerul Dislocation
An exhibition that touches on the spiritual. This conceptual exhibit included artwork from 23 international fine artists, in all medias, sharing their spiritual views and insights. The exhibition contained 70 narrative works of art using a wide variety of materials including drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, printmaking, calligraphy and fabric constructions.
August 2010
2010 Juried All Media/Small Treasures
The Palos Verdes Art Center's summer exhibitions-2010 Juried All-Media and Small Treasures-include art to please any taste from modern to traditional and from realistic to abstract. These eclectic exhibitions offer an appealing array of paintings, drawings, ceramics, sculptures, photographs and digital works. Dan Callis, artist and Biola University Professor.


May 2010
About van Gogh
About van Gogh
Clearly, it is impossible for the Palos Verdes Art Center to mount a show of van Gogh originals—the facility is not large enough so for this exhibition, the use of well-painted, appropriately framed reproductions of van Gogh’s work to detail his artistic development and contribution as well as the textures and colors of the originals will provide at least the sense of real paintings. A digital reproduction of the original painting will accompany each work for comparison - thus, About, the exhibition’s title, defines what it is.

April 2010
Student Art Exhibition: Art at Your Fingertips
Art on a StringArt at Your Fingertips invited Palos Verdes Peninsula elementary school students to Express Yourself!, and they did! More than 1,000 examples of their work from this Art Center 34-year-old visual arts outreach program are testimony to what they learned about art techniques, art history and aesthetics.

Student Art Exhibition: Norris Gallery
Art on a StringSixth-graders at Miraleste, Palos Verdes and Ridgecrest Intermediate Schools tour an Art Center exhibition and then create art with a visiting artist. There were three projects this year. In Story in a Box, students built small assemblages in boxes in the style of Joseph Cornell. The project, taught by Robin Bott, projected from the wall in a play on the title of the Art Center’s Off the Wall exhibition. Shaping Space was designed by Karla Commins to correlate with winter’s Surf and Turf exhibition. Students used cut paper shapes to create their own landscape “paintings.” For Art on a String, Robin Kiss showed students how shading and varying color values create the illusion of depth. The project, Art in Flight, incorporated traditional designs by Asian kite masters.

January 2010
Art on a String
Art on a StringA display of historic and contemporary kites from around the world.


On Time: NY to LA
On Time: NY to LAAn exploration of “temporality” in contemporary West Coast art, with work by Tera Galenti, Ralph Massey, Michael Rohde and Linda Jo Russell. Curator: Maddie Phinney.

November 2009
Surf and Turf
Surf and TurfSpectacular seascapes and landscapes by artists Denice Bartels, Raoul De la Sota, Daniel du Plessis, Connie Jenkins, Todd Kenyon and Constance Mallinson. Curator: Scott Canty.


October 2009
Photography Digital and traditional photographs from 32 area photographers selected by curator Phil Lohmann. Photographers: Don Atkins, Jim Bardos, Paul Blieden, Ellen Cantor, Amy Cantrell, Mark Comon, Susan Einstein, Craig Fucile, Ron Hedstrom, Rich Henke, Judy Herman, Marguerite Hossler, Jerry Kotler, Jim McKinniss, William Mouradian, Joseph Orsillo, Michael Orona, Tashia Peterman, Andrew Reynoso, Peter Rose, Melanie Shatto, Beth Shibata, John S. Stewart, Mark Tanner, Robert Thering, Earl Veits, Jana Wallace, Jack Waltman, Joyce Weiss, Walt Wenzel, John Wessel and Bob Young.


August 2009
2009 Juried All Media/Small Treasures 
Small TreasuresAnnual juried exhibitions of work in all media and diminutive pieces. Juror: Christy Johnson, director, American Museum of Ceramic Art. 



May 2009
Annual Student Art Exhibition
Work from Art at Your Fingertips, Partners in Art and third-grade residency.


March 2009
Celebrate Architecture
Architects creatively organize space and materials while balancing pragmatic issues with aesthetic considerations. It’s this aesthetic aspect that takes architecture beyond engineering into the realm of art. The art of, and in, architecture was examined through the work of photographers Allan Conrad, Nicholas Fedak II and Todd Gray, painter Carl Aldana, sculptor Barry Krammes and architects Elena Manferdini, Florencia Pita and Marcelo Spina. Also on display were sketches by Frank Lloyd Wright of his plans for the Hollyhock House (courtesy City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs). Curator: Scott Canty, with assistance from architects John Kaytor and Peter Phinney.


January 2009
Camp Days 1942-1945
In vivid watercolors, Chizuko Judy Sugita de Queiroz chronicled her memories of her World War II childhood in the concentration camp for Japanese Americans in Poston, Ariz. Continuing the theme, the galleries also included work by artists participating in Henry Fukuhara’s annual painting workshops at the camp at Manzanar, Calif., and a collection of photographs documenting Japanese American life on the Palos Verdes Peninsula in the first half of the 20th century (courtesy 40 Families Archive, Palos Verdes District Library).


November 2008
INFLUENCES: A Survey Exhibition of Contemporary Ceramics in Southern California


The ceramics program has long been a star in the Palos Verdes Art Center crown. This exhibition featured influential Southern California ceramists, many with ties to the Art Center, and included both purely decorative sculpture and exquisite “functional” pieces. Artists included Ralph Bacerra, Philip Cornelius, Patrick Crabb, Keiko Fukazawa, Lukman Glasgow, Rocky Maldonado, Richard McColl, Harrison McIntosh, Neil Moss, Jerry Rothman, Porntip Sangvanich, Peter Shire and Paul Soldner. Curator: Scott Canty. Catalogue available.


September 2008
Off the Wall

Figures in Motion

The human form in motion was the common bond unifying the work of photographer Mark Berndt, painter Yvette Brown and printmaker Nguyen Ly.

Beverly Bigwood

Beverly Bigwood creates collage portraits of famous artists.


August 2008
2008 Juried All-Media/Small Treasures
Annual juried exhibitions of work in all media and diminutive pieces. Juror: Barry Krammes, Biola University gallery director and art professor.


June 2008
Spirit of the Horse
Artists depicted varied views of these noble, multi-talented animals that have lives so entwined those of men. Participating artists were painter Gunnar Ahmer, photographers Kireilyn Barber and Elissa Kline and sculptors Cinthia Joyce and Michael Stutz. There was also a juried exhibition held in conjunction with the Portuguese Bend Pony Club. Curators: Scott Canty and Peggy Zask, artist and gallery owner. Catalogue available.


May 2008
Annual Student Art Exhibition


February 2008
Wearable Expressions 2008
The sixth biennial international exhibition of the ultimate in wearable art included 250 items of clothing, jewelry and accessories from 166 artists from 30 states and 15 countries. Jurors: Rebecca Brown-Thompson (New Zealand), Arline Fisch (USA), Charles Lewton-Brain (Canada), Glenys Mann (Australia), Sunita Patterson (USA) and Beatrijs Sterk (Germany). Curator: Gabrielle The Artists’ Studio manager. Catalogue available.


December 2007
The Circus Comes to Town
The excitement and magic of the circus and the lonely darkness of its backlot were portrayed in paintings, photographs, sculpture, assemblages, puppets and neon art by contemporary artists Bill Concannon, Allan Conrad, Jorg Dubin, Meg Escude, Carolyn Fernandez, Jim Jenkins, Phil Joanou, Steve Krynicki, Dorothy Magallon, Jackee Marks, Ralph Massey, Tim Miller, Grant Olsen, Pam Reid, Mayuka Thais and Lawrence Wallin, plus antique puppets from the Alan Cook International Puppet Collection. Curator: Scott Canty. Catalogue available.


September 2007
Off the Wall
David Mac Innes: Paintings & Graphics

A life of experience in both fine and commercial visual arts resulted in this collection of images in paint, pen, press, photos and pixels.

Donald Crocker & Geoff Mitchell

Donald Crocker paints landscapes in the California plein air style, especially at sunrise or sunset or by moonlight, while Geoff Mitchell layers and strings together diverse images to create montages that uncover hidden relationships and narratives.


June 2007
2007 Juried All-Media/Small Treasures
Juror: Rodman de la Cruz, artist and retired El Camino College art professor.


April 2007
Paper Dreams
Beyond its use as a ground for watercolors, prints and pastels, paper itself has unique physical, lyrical and imaginative capabilities, allowing it to stand on its own as beautiful, tactile and exciting three-dimensional art. Included was work by artists Marjorie Alexander, Rie Hashiyanagi, Yoshio Ikezaki, Tanja Rector and Genie Shenk. Curator: Jean Clad. A complementary exhibition was of Kelly McMahon’s mixed media sculptures based on treasured old books. Catalogue available.


January 2007
Marks, Scratches and Doodles
The exhibition featured a collection of drawings by contemporary Southern California artists: Srboohie Agajian, Sharon Allicotti, Barbara Berk, Terrill Cascia, Jennifer Ceilo, Judy Chan, Wes Christensen, Linda Flemming, Renee Fox, Matthew Furmanski, Carol Goldmark, Mark Steven Greenfield, Rick Heitzman, Kiel Johnson, Eva Kolavsary-Stuplar, Peter Liashkov, Jim Murray, Stas Orlovski, Susan Rush, Michael Salerno, Tom Smith, Michael Storrie, Harrison Storms, Daniel Sweetman, Jamie Sweetman, Joyce Weiss and Lawrence Yun-all working in different mediums and styles to depict their individual environments. Curator: Scott Canty.


November 2006
Painting with Light

Twelve West Coast glass artists pushed the boundaries and blurred the lines defining blown and stained glass making. Using plate glass as canvas, creating unique blown forms or carving into fused glass layers were Joe Cariati, Robert Carlson, Walter Lieberman, Jay Musler, Tom Prochaska, Narcissus Quagliata, Therman Statom, Susan Stinsmuehlen-Amend, April Surgent, Cappy Thompson, Dave Walters and Dick Weiss. Curator: John Leighton, glass program director, California State University, Fullerton. Catalogue available.


August 2006
Arranging traditional photographs next to digital images provided an opportunity to compare and contrast old and new ways of making pictures. Their work reflected the skillful eyes of photographers Catherine Balcom, Kireilyn Barber, James Bardos, George Bearcroft, Irene Benavente, Ellen Cantor, Amy Cantrell, Nannette Clark, Mark Comon, Davis & Davis, Philip Earl, Nicholas Fedak II, Bonnie Flamer, Craig Fucile, Jack Goldfarb, Ron Hedstrom, Rich Henke, Alan Kornfield, Robert Koss, Jerry Kotler, Edwin Maguire, Gil Mares, Ed Martin, John Montich, Melanie Morgan, Michael Orona, Jan Pietrazak, Diane Reeves, John Richardson, Peter Rose, Kyungmi Shin, Jack Waltman, Walt Wenzel and James Zver. Curators: Scott Canty and photographer Phil Lohmann.


June 2006
2006 Juried All-Media/Small Treasures
Juror: Mike McGee, director, California State University, Fullerton, Art Gallery.


April 2006
Palos Verdes Collects

In honor of the Palos Verdes Art Center’s 75th anniversary, this exhibition featured works from the private collections of Palos Verdes Peninsula residents. Curator: Robert A. Yassin, Palos Verdes Art Center executive director


February 2006
Featured in this exhibition of “some of the brightest emerging artistic talent in Southern California” were artists Sadie Barnette, Steven Irwin, Jaime Macias, Nzuji De Magalhaes, Rosalyn Miles, Jean Monestine, Ingrid Von Sydow and Brenna Youngblood. Curator: Mark Steven Greenfield, artists and director of the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery. Catalogue available.


November 2005
Wearable Expressions 2005

This fifth juried exhibition of wearable art included 72 fiber entries and 79 jewelry pieces. Selections were made by committee headed by Christie Romero, director of the Center for Jewelry Studies, and the two curators: artists Jacqueline Marks and Joanell Connolly. Catalogue available.




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